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Dammu Telugu Movie Review, Download Full Movie, Torrent File Download And Watch Full Movie Online

Dammu Movie Review, Rating, Dhammu Telugu Film Review: NTR’s previous two films didn’t fare well at the box office. He is back in his forte, i.e. mass masala with Dammu. Boyapati Srinu who has mastered the art of making mass entertainers directed this film. Trisha and Karthika are the heroines. Here is the review in detail… 

An orphan is adopted by a big Rajas family and is given the name Raja Vasi Reddy (Junior NTR). Raja Vasi Reddy comes to know that he will have to take a huge responsibility of saving his village from dreaded blood thirsty goons. At the start he will be reluctant to take the responsibility. But once he takes it to heart there is no stopping. How does he win over the enemies and how he makes his village a peaceful place is the crux of Dammu’s story.


Dammu is yet another commercial potboiler film with a routine story and age old backdrop. This film may not get glowing reviews from the critics. NTR fans will lap it up and will watch it repeatedly for NTR’s roaring performance. Dammu has the elements to lure the masses in B and C centers.

Director could have written a better screenplay to take the film to next level. There are too many ups and downs in the narration. Heroism never gets completely elevated as the story demands such underplay. But from the outlook of the film one would expect a better and powerful output.

Boyapati played it safe by taking up a subject that has been beaten to death many a time. He tried to add humor to the narration in first half and it is just okay. There are some really powerful sequences and equally dull moments in the film. Perhaps a low profile release would have received a better response.


Junior NTR was superb in this film. He was apt for the character and shouldered the film throughout. If not for NTR this film would have been a dud. NTR’s performance in interval scene got great response from his fans.

Trisha was fine and Karthika was not bad either. They don’t have much scope to perform. All they have to do is to shake their leg with NTR when needed and mouth few spicy dialogues. Nazar’s getup was good. Venu was Okay in his brief yet important role. Presence of Brahmanandam and Ali is felt but they didn’t make any difference to the film.


Dammu has good technical values. Cinematography was top notch and so was the music. Keeravani’s background score stands out. Editing could have been better and Dialogues add repeat value for the target audience. Producers spent a fortune on the film. It is very rich in every frame. Director Boyapati Srinu made sure that there are good number of powerful scenes. His trademark scenes were shot well and the rest of the scenes are just okay. Had he concentrated more on the screenplay, Dammu might have hit the right chords with the audience.

Final Word:

Dammu is for fans. NTR fans will be pleased with this powerful mass film as they didn’t get to see in such a powerful role in the recent times. Others may like it or may not like due to poor content and old concept.

Dammu Movie Rating: 3/5

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