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Asin Wallpaper

Asin Thottumkal (Malayalam: അസിന്‍ തോട്ടുങ്കല്‍; born 26 October 1985[1]), known mononymously as Asin is an Indian film actress.

Making her acting debut in Sathyan Anthikkad's Malayalam film Narendra Makan Jayakanthan Vaka (2001), Asin had her first commercial success with Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi in 2003, and won a Filmfare Award for the Best Telugu Actress for the film.

After a number of films, she received her second South Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her performance in her second Tamil film, Ghajini (2005). She played the lead female roles in hits, the thriller Ghajini (2005) and the action comedy Varalaru (2006). More recently, Asin made her début in Bollywood, with Ghajini, the remake of its Tamil namesake, subsequently winning the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award.

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Pokkiri Raja Malayalam Movie Review, Watch Online And Torrent File Download

Those of us who have been lamenting that we haven't been taking down enough notes and lessons from cinema in the neighboring states could now sit back relaxed. Pokkiri Raja is like a fusion of Tamil and Telugu cinema, but sadly of the 80's, when they used to tell tales of brothers being estranged at birth and meeting head to head a good twenty years later.

What astonishes me is the squandering of talent in a film as this that is unpardonable. You have two of the best actors in business, a whopping supporting cast, a sizzler actress as the female lead, an amazing technical crew, and what not? And you go ahead and tell a story that resembles sugarcane pulp, beaten to death and with all the sap squeezed out to the last drop.

There are two apparently warring families in some godforsaken village where there is a huge furor every time the temple festival comes up. Raja, (Mammotty) the eldest of the two sons of the village teacher (Nedumudi Venu) gets involved in one such ruckus and flees never to return. The younger son Surya (Prithviraj) meanwhile keeps missing his brother like hell (he even sings a couple of lines about good ol' bro while shaking a leg with Shwetha Menon) when he is not chasing the City Commissioner's daughter Aswathy (Shreya). They meet of course. Just don't ask me where and how.

It's a daunting task to do an analysis of a film as this, for where does one start? Ah yes! The script of course. How many times more would we be made to sit through this story, the exact setting, the Xeroxed characters and the very same everything else? How many more times would we see the eldest son sacrificing everything and ending up a thug? How many more times would we be able to endure familial feuds?

The dialogues are what actually take the cake. So we have Raja making a loud proclamation to Surya that its just not enough that he builds up muscles; he needs to learn to act as well. An ever so obedient and humble Surya retorts that he's just a kid, and that by the time he grows up to be his brother's age, he would win an Oscar and nothing less.

When Surya takes a good hard look at Raja's traditional attire before hopping on to a dance club, Raja roars and asks if he has to take style lessons from the young chap. And of course we have Raja's sidekicks firmly asserting that his fans would take no insult lying down; be it from his younger brother or someone else.

The film that lasts for about two and a half hours remains focused on Surya for the first hour, when he gets to deliver all that he can, pack the punches, sing a song and finally get entrapped in a no-way-out spot. Along comes Raja with about a fifty cars following him, like they have just stepped out of a car showroom for a test drive. Raja shoves the kid to a corner and takes up the reigns, and believe it or not, it rains.

Mammootty saves this film from not being a total washout with his amazing screen presence. Which is to say, that the first one hour without him is the toughest to endure. Prithvi looks well-groomed, but I doubt if this film would do anything worthwhile for his surging career. Shreya is gorgeous of course, but all she has to do is to look bewildered at the brothers in action, and that she does.

After watching two brothers who have had to tackle with the twists of fate for God-alone-knows-what time, I just have one question to ask. Is it too much to ask for a simple, good story in films?

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Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Hindi Movie Mp3 Download

Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 320 Kbps Mp3 Songs in Single File
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'Singam': Biggest Tamil release in US

Suriya's 'Singam' has become the first Tamil film to be released on a unprecedented scale across US.

BIG Cinemas released the film in more than 30 screens across 24 locations/cities in US on June 28. These include 10 own locations of BIG Cinemas.

Directed by Hari, the film also stars Anushka Shetty, Prakash Raj and Vivek.

Aishwarya Rai Wallpaper

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may have become Mrs. Bachchan a good three years ago, but the star is not yet able to forget the first time that someone had addressed her by that name, and she and her husband had got quite amused by it.

The incident reportedly had taken place when the couple had just started for their much looked forward to honeymoon.

Reports suggest that Abhishek and Aishwarya were headed to Bora Bora, for their Honeymoon, when an Airhostess had welcomed Ash by saying “Hello Mrs. Bachchan”,

Now this way of being addressed was not something that Ash had anticipated, thus, when she heard it, she immediately looked at Abhishek and they both started laughing.

It was then that the couple realized that they had actually got married!

Now, isn’t that cute? Sounds more like the Mills & Boon romance, where the bride usually had to pinch herself to re- check if she were awake and not dreaming!

However, we are not sure whether Ash and Abhi had to pinch themselves to confirm that they were awake and not sleeping, but for a moment, though, they might have wondered Mrs. Bachchan-

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Nayantara Is Back In Full Swing

It's been a while since we all heard something about Nayantara from her professional front. After her alleged relationship with Prabhu Deva began to take maximum space there wasn’t much coming out about her work and films. Now we have some news about the actor Nayantara.

Nayantara's next in Tamil is ‘Boss Engira Baskarn’ which is in its final stages. A song sequence featuring Nayantara is to be shot in London and so Nayantara will be in London soon. From London she will be heading for Switzerland for the shooting of her first Kannada film. After work she will holiday in Europe for a while before returning to India.

On returning to India Nayantara will dub for her Malayalam movie 'Elektra' which also stars Prakash Raj and Manisha Koirala. 'Elektra' is about the inside stories of Film award functions and so Nayantara is keen to dub herself. But one surprise element is that Prabhu Deva will not be accompanying her in any of the scheduled events mentioned here.

Vedam Telugu Movie Review And Watch Online

‘Vedam’, the complex multi-starrer was released today. Director Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi a.k.a Krish has shown great excitement in this new action-drama Telugu venture. The film is produced by Yarlagadda Shobhu and Devineni Prasad. Among notable stars there is Bollywood’s Manoj Bajpai, Allu Arjun and the beautiful Anushka Shetty. Manoj Bajpai was kept as a secret by the producers till the release of Arka entertainment. The plot of the film was kept completely under wraps till the release. During the music release on May 3 Allu Arjun said that it is acomplexfilm that has interwoven stories. He also mentioned an old man who plays an important role in the film.
The cable operator who is one of the important characters is played by Allu Arjun. He is known as ‘Cable Raja’ and represents the lower class. Anushka Shetty plays a prostitute named Saroja and Manoj Manchu plays ‘Vija Chakravarthy’, an upcomingrock-star. The 4th important character comes in the character played by Manoj Bajpai. The action packed drama has all the makings of a super-hit. The promotion for the film was low-key and visible just before the release. It looked like producers were happy with the hype that an Allu Arjun film will automatically generate. They have revealed in a statement that they plan to release the film across Andhra Pradesh and abroad as well wherever there is a sizable Telugu speaking population.

The May 3 music release was quite a success that gave the movie the much needed publicity. the music has been composed by M M Keeravani with lyrics by Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry, Sahiti, E S Murthy and M M Keeravani himself.


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Watch Fifa World Cup Online And The upcoming Match Shedules

2010 FIFA World Cup™: Round of 16

United States1:2Ghana-Highlights
Uruguay2:1South Korea-Highlights

Upcoming matches:
Germanyvs.England-27 Jun 7:30pm (India Time)
Argentinavs.Mexico-28 Jun 12:00am (India Time)
Netherlandsvs.Slovakia-28 Jun 7:30pm (India Time)
Brazilvs.Chile-29 Jun 12:00am (India Time)
Paraguayvs.Japan-29 Jun 7:30pm (India Time)
Spainvs.Portugal-30 Jun 12:00am (India Time)


Shriya Saran Wallpapers

Name : Shriya SaranProfession : actor/ dancer Sleep cycle: 1 AM TO 9 AMREWIND :Education and me never really clicked. My mom, who taught chemistry in the same school I went to, understood this and let me focus on dance instead.I was quite the bully in school. I used to pick on all the boys and throw them around (WWF style!) till the 8th, but had to stop when they started growing and I stopped.I am a big dreamer. I can go on for hours on end. In fact, my friends nicknamed me ‘Shriya in Wonderland’. Hmm…. There I go again.My grandmother thought she was doing my mother a favour and cut my hair while I was sleeping and when I woke up and discovered my long tresses gone, I had fever for two whole days.STOP Chikku Bukku with Arya, Don Cheenu (Telugu) with Ravi TejaSHRIYA SAYS:I’ve only received a single Valentine’s Day card in my life and no, I will not get into details.I love exercising but who says I don’t like good food? I’m a sucker for dark chocolate. Yummm.I am a very light sleeper. But I can sleep almost anywhere! Just don’t breathe too heavily. I am terrified of fire. Which is why I don’t cook. (Hey! It’s not an excuse)I never have/will make resolutions. Why make them when you know you are going to break them?WHOM WOULD I CALL Multi faceted : Vikram Casanova : I, Me, Myself Dependable : NO ONE! A friend in the industry : Trisha

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Aishwarya rejects Hollywood for Bollywood

Aishwarya Bachchan is a familiar name in Hollywood now. She has been brand ambassador for various international brands like Longines, L’Oreal Paris and has also acted in Hollywood projects like the Pink Panther 2, Mistress of Spices, The Last Legion etc.
BuzzBut the beauty queen has recently refused a Hollywood film, featuring Brad Pitt. She is in high demand among the Hollywood filmmakers but the lady has her hands full with Bollywood projects now. However, she clarified the reason behind her rejection. Aishwarya said, “I was not showing attitude or anything; it is just for the lack of time. My time will be taken up by my Bollywood projects which mean that I cannot do justice to any project in Hollywood right now.”

Earlier also, the actress has rejected the film Troy with Brad Pitt. However, the reason was quite different then. At that time, Aishwarya had said, “I am not comfortable doing those intimate scenes with Brad Pitt. There are lots of kisses and explicit lovemaking scenes. I am not comfortable at all.” Aishwarya had also refused doing other Hollywood projects like Hancock and Seven Pounds. In fact, the Hollywood director Brett Ratner wanted to cast her in Rush Hour.

Speaking about her international projects, the actress quipped, “In a press conference in India, Michael Douglas confessed that he had brought a script for me. Will Smith was also generous enough to persuade me twice for Hancock and Seven Pounds.” So, the ‘desi girl’ Aishwarya is not willing to move towards Hollywood now. It is definitely good news for Bollywood and her Indian fans!

Toy Story 3 English Movie Review, Torrent File Download,Download Full Movie And Watch Full Movie


Toy Story set the bar for animation back in 1995– it was the first feature length computer generated movie. But while it could quite have easily ridden on the coat tails of new technology, what Pixar delivered was a masterpiece – a film as poignant and heart-warming as any that Disney had ever produced and one worthy of ushering in a new age for animation.

It’s a marvel that Toy Story 2 didn’t fall foul of its own marketing – it would have been easy for Pixar to have cashed in its chips and made a by-the-numbers sequel that would have made back its budget in merchandise alone. Instead they made a film as good, if not better than its predecessor.

When Toy Story 3 was announced, 12 years on from the first sequel, it was initially a bit of a worry. Were Pixar finally selling out? Disney have been leaking new characters for months, and so many were released that it was difficult not to be concerned that they might be watering down their genius. Thankfully that’s not the case as Toy Story 3 is a constant delight – a magical, sweeping and heartily brilliant end to a glorious series.

Andy is off to college and the remaining toys (Buzz, Slinky, Rex, Jessie, Hamm, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, the three-eyed aliens and Bullseye) are making one last ditch bid for his attention. They’re well aware that when Andy leaves, they’ll either be bundled into the attic, donated to the day-care or horror of horrors be thrown away completely.

Narrowly avoiding the trash, the collective end up at the blandly sinister Sunnyside Day-Care centre run by Lotso Hugging bear and a motley assortment of other toys, including Ken (brilliantly voiced by Michael Keaton)and Big Baby (a terrifying baby doll with a lazy eye).

If there were any worries about Toy Story 3 then they’re unfounded; it still delivers exactly what you’d expect from some of Disney’s best loved characters. One could nitpick at the seemingly similar plot set up to Toy Story 2 – Woody and Co’s escape from the garbage truck echoes the attempted rescue of Wheezy the penguin from the first sequel; Lotso, a seemingly genial toy gone bad is almost interchangeable with the disillusioned Stinky Pete.

Any nitpicks are easily shoved aside by the sheer amount of great stuff crammed into 100 minutes. The toys’ attempted escape from a trash compactor is among one of the most exciting and gut wrenching in animation. It’s testament to how well drawn the characters are that you not only fear their demise but you actually suspect for one horrible moment that not all of them will make it; it’s a triumph of storytelling.

That playful emotional jab is nothing compared to the devastating haymaker of the finale – a satisfying but tender ending that will melt even the hardest of hearts. If you don’t shed at least one tear, you’re made of stone.

But for all its yanking of heartstrings, it’s still extremely funny. The toys’ escape from Sunnyside is inventively and intricately planned is as tense as it is hilarious, Ken’s insistence that he’s not a girl’s toy despite all evidence to the contrary and Buzz Lightyear in his maraca snapping, flamenco dancing Spanish setting are only a few of the highlights in a film choc-full of fun and imagination.

While the visuals of the original film may have set the world alight back in 1995, high-quality animation is now taken for granted as Pixar’s stock in trade. Toy Story 3’s attention to detail is impressive if not remarkable, whether it be in a reflection in a puddle or the each fine hair on Lotso’s fluffy body.

The 3D is unobtrusive – but for the blur of the screen if you remove your glasses, you could hardly tell it was there but that’s no hardship. Toy Story was always more than the sum of its parts and this third instalment will be remembered, if not for its visual sensibilities, then certainly for its emotional, its superb characterisation and a satisfying and worthy conclusion to a wonderful series.

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Surya Wallpapers

Saravanan "Surya" Sivakumar (Tamil: சரவணன் "சூர்யா" சிவகுமார்; born 23 July 1975) is a Tamil film actor. Son of actor Sivakumar, he starred in Tamil films, such as Nandha (2001), Kaakha Kaakha (2003), Pithamagan (2004), Perazhagan (2005), Ghajini (2005), Vaaranam Aayiram (2008) and Ayan (2009). As of 2009,[1] he has won three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards and three Filmfare Awards.

He became a film distributor after opening Studio Green, which distributed several of his earlier films. He married actress Jyothika Sadanah in 2006, after being engaged for several years. In 2008, he began Agaram Foundation, which funds for preventing early childhood drop-outs.[

You Can’t Stop Me: Vijay

He’s the unstoppable! He’s the invincible and he’s the ever glorious Vijay! Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay celebrates his birthday today! Join IndiaGlitz in wishing him a wonderful year ahead and at the same time, find what he’s up to now!

Vijay is sweetheart of the masses and a charmer with the others! Talk to one of his fans and he’ll be gung-ho of his demigod! And may be if your fortunate enough, you would even listen to any popular track from his latest movie like ‘Naan Adicha Thaanga Maate…’. Vijay’s connection with his fans is tremendous! The man always listens to his fans and incorporates fruitful suggestions in his movies.

Vijay stands synonymous to ‘Commercial Cinema’. Entertainment is guaranteed. His dance is flawless, thanks to his choreographers, you might get this feeling of – ‘does he have bones?’. He’s flexible and his dancing shoes are simply superb. Not just the dance, ladies and gentlemen, his fights are also equally entertaining. Thrashing the goons on screen, his fans go berserk seeing him fight! And end of the day, the fight could be a cause of friendship or for any of his family members, in simple terms (or in movie terms) sentiment! This is Vijay, the darling of the masses!

Vijay’s characterization for every movie, is correlated to real life. He tries to live the common man’s character in his movies, thanks to the image he has received. For example, He is the friendly auto-rickshaw driver in ‘Vettaikkaran’ and a fisher man in ‘Sura’. He has also played the classy roles of business man, a cop and a lawyer, etc. Just gets to show you, his variety.

Punch dialogues in Vijay’s movies are the biggest highlight. Confronting the villain, (least is the chances to hear the dialogues, as his fans, would be screaming at the top of their voice) Vijay delivers his dialogues with that fierce in his eyes that trembles villains! Entertainment quotient can’t get better than this.

Not just the movie, Vijay is a Good Samaritan. He along with his numerous fan clubs has organized a lot of welfare activities to benefit the general public thus making him the hero off the screen.

Vijay is busy with a handful of projects. His forthcoming movies include ‘Kaavalkaran’ by Siddique and ‘Velayudham’ by ‘Jayam’ Raja. His fans are assured of maximum entertainment and perhaps can’t wait to see their favourite hero strike soon!

Happy Birthday Vijay, A Wonderful Happy Birthday!

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Khatta Meetha Hindi Movie Mp3 Download

Khatta Meetha 320 Kbps Mp3 Songs in Single File
Khatta Meetha 128 Kbps Mp3 Songs in Single File

Watch And Download Nayakan Malayalam Movie Online

Revenge is almost an expedition that throws several lives - both of those seeking it and of those suffering it - into irreversible states of turmoil. Lijo Pellissery's directorial debut 'Nayakan' gets off to an astounding start with these words scribbled over it. Barely had the impact sunk in, than we get to see a Kathakali artiste in the midst of a chuttikuthal, engrossed in a conversation on the mobile phone. The voice at the other end talks of vengeance and murder as the face contoured with layers of color tolerantly listens.

'Nayakan' would have ended up as another routine study on the spirit of retribution, had it not had an enterprising director at its helm. Lijo makes an imposing debut with the film that prickles our senses with plenty of smart moments.

The structural dynamics of Nayakan is what interests me the most. That it deals with the story of an actor who has to come to terms with a surging desire for reprisal, perhaps places this demand on the film that it swerve away from the conventional. It all starts off with Purappadu, and in a few brilliant sequences the color canopy falls off to reveal the hero in all his (lack of) glory. Varadan (Indrajith) finds a new life on the cold mortuary bench and the story zooms ahead with a flamboyance that leaves space for neither thoughts nor judgments.

Kelikkai and Thodayam soon follow, and in brief flashbacks we learn of how Varadan had lost his sister and dad to crime. There are no excuses for what has happened, and Varadan on a payback spree finds an accomplice in Vincent Karanavar (Thilakan) and his daughter Maria (Dhanya Mary Varghese). The action is never shorn of drama as the Aattam progresses even further and with Kalaasham, the frenzied dance of wrath finally draws to a close.

It's interesting to see how Lijo often leads us by hand to a shady corner and leaves us stranded there. It takes a while for the eyes to get accustomed to the darkness around, and then you start seeing those several elements that had always been there, but which you had never taken note of in the first place. At other times, he takes you on an engaging ride and as you get lost in the fast fleeing sights, slams the brakes and disappears without a trace.

Indrajith firmly grabs the opportunity in his career to be born again with a resolve, like Varadanunni whom he gets to play. There is a strict border line that he doesn't cross, and his performance is without any of the clamor that you would associate with his character. Subdued, and quite restrained, the actor achieves a razored precision in his portrayal. In striking contrast, the paranormal air that the anti-hero magician JS (Siddiq) has about him is disturbingly eerie. The cold gaze that emanates from his cat eyes talk volumes of a persona that refuses to be captured on camera (much to the astonishment of a photographer who sees a blank LCD screen on his camera even after repeated clicks).

This is a dark and twisted fable that could never have worked out without its several characters. The incomparable camaraderie that the two policemen (Lalu Alex & Kiran Raj) share could be quoted as an example. The pony tailed Karanavar does not always cook up a reaction through his tongue, as the wily Inspector Saravanan realizes in one of the most amusing scenes in the film. Forget those mainstream faces, who would be able to forget that high profile escort who starts giving her customer a shave, while his assailant waits nearby to slit his throat?

The non-intrusive background score and a remarkable musical score by Prashant Pillai that gels adeptly with the murky mood of the film gets under your skin as much as the film does. Manoj Paramahamsa's camera is nothing short of savage, and probes into every nook and corner when it's not lurking around unnoticed.

Nayakan is an exceptionally polished film, a strange combine of a creepy drama and a jet-black thriller that gradually builds to an almost chimerical climax. There wouldn't be much trouble to let off those minor slips hence, since there is no escape from the feverish intensity that Nayakan exposes the viewer to.
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